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office recycling bin from 3.00 each

making it even easier for you to do your bit for the environment

consider getting a couple of recycling bins and placing them around your office to make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to recycle · you might want to place recycling bins next to printers and faxes as well

alternatively designate recycling bins to different types of recyclable waste·paper   plastic and metal · just write on each of your cardboard recycling bins which type of recylable waste it should be used for

 to ensure your recycling bin has a long and reusable life we recommend getting some of our bin liners to line your bins ·  our bin liners are made from recycled polythene


office recycling bin from 3.00 each
cardboard office recycling bin cardboard office recycling bin
double wall recycling bin from £3.50 each (4237mc)
clear refuse sack for recycling bin clear refuse sack for recycling bin
18" x 28½" x 38½" from .12p each (004600mc)
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