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Void Fill Paper

Void Fill Paper

At Cera Packaging, we aim to provide our customers with the widest range of packaging, and protection supplies and solutions. We cover all needs and requirements, and produce most of our products ourselves, thus making sure we only offer high-quality materials.

Padpak® is one of the highly efficient patented solutions we offer here at Cera Packaging. This product is ideal for almost all and any packaging, or storage needs. It applies well to a variety of packaging methods, but is designed for boxes especially.

This void fill paper is ideal for bracing products inside boxes, and providing extra cushioning that prevents them from suffering damage in transit, making sure they reach their destination safely and intact.

Take a look at the list below for the different sizes of Padpak® we are able to produce, and please contact us if you’d like to find out more.

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(Length x Width x Height)
Code Quantity 1 - 4
5 - 23
24 - 47
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50gsm Fillpak Tt Kraft 

70557  per pack £31.08 £28.88£25.58£23.38 Button to buy Void Fill Paper  70557

380mmx360m 70gsm Fillpak Tt Kraft

69519  per pack £31.08 £28.88£25.58£23.38 Button to buy Void Fill Paper  69519

70/70gsm Paper   160m Junior Void Fill

10703  per pack £59.35 £54.95£50.55£47.25 Button to buy Void Fill Paper  10703

300m 90gsm 

a502976 Lc Void Fill

10700  per pack £58.25 £54.95£51.65£49.45 Button to buy Void Fill Paper  10700

70/70gsm Paper 

290m Senior Void Fill

10701  per pack £69.58 £66.28£62.98£59.68 Button to buy Void Fill Paper  10701

50/70gsm Paper 

335m Senior Void Fill 

10702  per pack £71.45 £68.15£64.85£61.55 Button to buy Void Fill Paper  10702

Padpak® is cost-effective, since it is light weight doesn’t add to mailing costs. It is environmentally friendly, being made from 100% recycled materials and is biodegradable. What’s more you can reuse it, or dispense of it easily for subsequent recycling.

You can rest assured that even the most delicate items will reach their destination safely and securely, protected from any damage.



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