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Anti Static Bags

anti static bags

Our premium anti static bags will protect your sensitive products in both storage and transit.

Ideal for computer cards, memory chips and sticks, processors, and virtually any small ESD sensitive components.

Made from low charging materials to reduce damage our anti static bags do not form harmful charges avoiding compromising your products.

Available in pink Jiffy® bubble or Pacplus® clear polypropylene.

Static cling is a real problem for electronic devices, and computer parts. It is the tendency for static electricity to cause dust to accumulate on the surface of these objects. Things like memory chips and processors can be damaged by dust, so it’s important to store, and transport them properly.


We supply several different types of antistatic bag, including pink Jiffy® bubble bags, and Pacplus® clear polypropylene bags. All are available in a variety of sizes, but if you’d like a bespoke size or customised printed electrostatic bags please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Anti static bags.

• Self seal for fast efficient packing.

• No cutting, wrapping, or sticking required.

• Available in over 40 sizes.

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