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Biodegradable carrier bags available in 6 convenient and popular sizes that can be easily disposed of, offering peace of mind to consumers. Now available for fast delivery from Cera Packaging, 


Biodegradable, eco-friendly carrier bags

Break down quickly when disposed of

9 varieties to choose from

Starch based carrier bags

Totally renewable and sustainable

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(Length x Width x Height)
Code Quantity 1 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 19
No of

22x18x4" 190g 

Clear/Patch Handle 

CBECOC5  box of 200 £39.55 £35.15£32.95£30.75 Button to buy Biodegradable  CBECOC5

15x18x3" 190g 

Green P/Handle 

CBECOC2  box of 250 £40.21 £35.81£33.61£31.41 Button to buy Biodegradable  CBECOC2

16x18x4" 190g 

Clear/Patch Handle 

CBECOC3  box of 250 £41.75 £37.35£35.15£32.95 Button to buy Biodegradable  CBECOC3

15x18x3" 190g Now You See P/H 

CBECOW1  box of 500 £68.15 £63.75£61.55£59.35 Button to buy Biodegradable  CBECOW1

22x18x4" 190g 

Now You See P/H 

CBECOW5  box of 250 £57.15 £52.75£50.55£48.35 Button to buy Biodegradable  CBECOW5

15x18x3" 260g 

Starched P/Handle   

BIOCB2  box of 100 £51.65 £47.25£45.05£42.85 Button to buy Biodegradable  BIOCB2

15x18x3" 190g 

Clear/Patch Handle 

CBECOC1  box of 500 £59.24 £54.84£52.64£50.44 Button to buy Biodegradable  CBECOC1

10x15x18" 10mu 

Degrad. White Vest 

VCEC01  box of 2000 £41.75 £37.35£35.15£32.95 Button to buy Biodegradable  VCEC01

11x17x21" 16mu

 Degrad. White Vest 

VCEC03  box of 2000 £63.42 £59.02£56.82£54.62 Button to buy Biodegradable  VCEC03

Biodegradable Carrier Bags.

Starch based carrier bags made from potato starch are 100% renewable and sustainable. These bags completely disintegrate within 10-12 weeks, leaving behind no harmful residue. Compliant with EU standard EN 13432, and international standard ASTM D600-99.

For more information or advice  on 01933 318 185 


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