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Shrink Film

shrink film

Shrink wrap plastic is used by many industries for a variety of applications. When heat is applied, the plastic shrinks to fit snugly over whatever it is covering.


It is perfectly safe to use with food, and is often used to preserve the freshness of foods such as pizzas, cheeses, and meats. Shrink plastic is also used to seal things like books, magazines, and DVDs to prevent tampering before purchase.


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On a larger scale, plastic shrink wrap is used to secure boxes, keep canned goods in units, secure pallet loads, and provide extra security to packages.


Cera Packaging are pleased to offer several different plastic shrink film options. Polyolefin is good for packaging irregular shapes and bundling multiple items together; polythene is available in centre fold, gusseted tubing, or bags on the roll, and is also good for awkward shapes; PVC is strong and reliable, and has a low shrink temperature.


Click on the links above to find out more about each type of shrinking plastic; if you’re looking for a size or style that isn’t listed please contact us to discuss a bespoke option.


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