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Pouch Tape

pouch tape

Pouch tape is an inexpensive and cost effective alternative to traditional ‘documents enclosed’ wallets. It is a quick and easy way to attach important documents and customer address details to the outside of a package with minimal fuss.


Cera Packaging manufactures and distributes rolls of label protection tape and tape dispensers, making life easier for retailers and wholesalers who send out large volumes of packages.


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Product Code Quantity 1 - 5
6 - 11
12 - 23
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66m length roll 

PT150  per roll £6.95 £6.65 £6.35 £5.95 Button to buy Pouch Tape PT150


PLPT  each £19.95 £16.95 £13.95 Button to buy Pouch Tape PLPT

 Each document pouch measures 150mm by 200mm, and there are 330 pouches per roll, with each roll measuring a total of 66m in length.


The pouches are printed with red on white, and each one is created from a single layer of non adhesive film, and an adhesive border that surrounds the pouch area; this eliminates the need for a dual film layer or peelable backing sheet.


Using the roll dispenser makes it easy to apply the documents enclosed pouches; and less packaging is produced, meaning less waste for both the sender and the recipient.


 use manually or with the pacplus  PLPT dispenser for optimum performance


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