15 Awesome Packaging Blogs To Visit For Inspiration

Product packaging is an important aspect to any product! Packaging serves a few main functions:

Identification - Products are packaged in boxes, packages and containers, that stand out from the competition, distinguishing one product from another. 

Protection - The main function of an packaging is to protect the product from damage, dirt, dampness or breakage.

Convenience - Packaging products provides convenience in the carrying of products from place to place as well as storing, stocking and consuming the product.

Promotion - Packaging makes the work of sales promotions simpler.

So when you need a little more inspiration for your packaging, what do you do? Take a look at what everyone else is doing & that's exactly why we've done! We've searched around for all the best packaging blogs and put them all in one simple to find place!


All sorts of creative goodness comes together at Designspiration, created by Shelby White. Designspiration is a huge hub packed wit interesting and innovative packaging design.

Retail Design Blog

Retail Design Blog covers ever aspect of packaging and design! From store design to package design, you'll find everything you're looking for tight here!

The Dieline

The Dieline was once a personal blog run by Andrew Gibbs. Since then it has grown massively into one of the biggest and most visited websites among package design professionals.If you can't find the inspiration you want here, i'd stop looking!

Packaging of the World

Packaging Design of the World is exactly that! A blog trying to create a place to display all the most visually creative projects from around the world. With work from large international agencies and companies to students looking to inspire others. 

Packaging Design Served

Run on Behance, Adobe's online showcase platform. Packed with curated packaging design ideas and projects from all the top leading creatives. Adobe don't do anything by half measures so take a look!

Packaging Digest

Run as more of a standard blog, Packaging Digest delivers exclusive content on all the latest design trends, the industry and more! The great thing is, Packaging Digest doesn't just showcase packaging, they actually get right into it and talk about the packaging industry as a whole! 

Package Design

Touching mainly on the design industry, Package Design is an online magazine that also covers all aspects of business and branding. Although not plainly obvious, they do feature packaging designs that are all broken down and sorted by industry! A great read if you get the chance.


CreateID looks at the best packaging designs, news and articles from around the world. Putting them all in one place, for your inspirational needs! 


Focusing mainly on graphic design and packaging design, packed with great content and news from the industry.

The Pack Hub

A great place, The Pack Hub aim to always be on hand whenever they see something a little out of the ordinary, or something that might be worth a little more comment and always posting it in one place. 

Lovely Package

The blog name couldn't be any more specific. Lovely Package is just that, a blog of images, news and articles surrounding the industry of packaging.

Lil Packaging

With their 'Packaging 101 Blog', you'll never miss out on any industry news or relevant articles! Also offering you tons of useful tips when it comes to your packaging. 

Design Your Way

You'll find absolutely every aspect of design on Design Your way, from web design to packaging design, as well as tonnes of inspiration! 

Packaging Strategies

Packaging Strategies looks to identify and analyse packaging trends, development and innovation all in one place. As well as offering insights and solutions for all your packaging needs.


So technically not a traditional blog, but still a visual place to find your inspiration. With people all over the world finding, creating and uploading their own creative packaging ideas, you can literally never be short of inspiration here!