50 Amazing Packaging Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is almost here and it's time to start thinking about wrapping any gifts you might already have bought (provided you're that prepared - if not, best to start shopping soon). So we thought we'd look at some of the cool ways you can wrap gifts this Christmas! With simple and easy to do packaging for the younger children (Youngest Elf) and then more elaborate packaging for the teens (Toy Maker Elf) and even some that might be confusing to you (Only For Santa)! You'll never be short of ways to wrap a gift again! 

Paper Tissue Wrap

Paper Tissue Wrap

What You Need: Paper Tissue, Double Sided Tape, Twine, Scissors, Paper Hole Punch and a Sharpie.

What To Do: Carefully wrap the gift boxes in paper tissue and secure the edges with double sided tape. Punch a hole in the tag and use the twine to secure the box and the tag together. Write a cute message or the name of the receiver on the tag with the Sharpie and impress everyone with your innovative gift wraps.

Extra Tip: For a true Christmas feel, use specific tissue paper displaying snowflakes, sleds, fir trees or reindeer and use tinsel instead of twine.

Source: Everything Etsy
The Map Wrap

The Map Wrap

What You Need: A Map (either printed on glossy paper or a vintage-looking one), Double Sided Tape, Scissors, Ribbon and Tinsel for Special Effects.

What to do: Using the map, wrap the gift as usual, tying ribbon or tinsel around to add effect as desired.

Extra Tip: You could also use a standard store bough bow, if the tinsel is too fiddly.

Source: A Beautiful Mess
Wordsearch Wrap Paper

Wordsearch Wrap Paper

What You Need: Store Bought Word Search Paper (you can make your own using your imagination and a good printer), Scissors, Ribbon or Bow.

What To Do: Make sure the highlighted word is placed on top of the box when you wrap the gift; secure the wrapping with tape on the bottom and embellish with a bow or ribbon.

Extra Tip: You could highlight more than one word to show a message on the gift wrapping.

Source: Wordless Design


What You Need: Brown Kraft Paper, Glue, Twine, and Aluminum Foil, White Sheets of Paper and Snowflake Crafts Punch You Can Buy From Craft Stores.

What To Do: Wrap the gift in brown paper and nicely tie it with twine, ribbon, baker’s twine or even colored yarn; punch some snowflakes in white paper and aluminum foil and glue the snowflakes on the package’s surface.

Extra Tip: You could use other types of store bought crafts punches, to make various shapes.

Source: Popsugar
Glittery Polka Dots

Glittery Polka Dots

What You Need: Plain Kraft Paper, Glue, Glitter, Spouncer (or thin painting brush), Pom Pom Garland or Tinsel/Ribbon/Twine.

What To Do: Cut the wrapping paper to the size you need to wrap the gift box; put the piece of paper on a wide table; make glue circles with the spouncer or the brush (the size of the circles is completely your choice); generously cover the glue circles with glitter (its color is again your choice); let the polka dots dry; remove the excess glitter from the paper until you get defined and round shiny dots; wrap the present in the paper and finish with a garland, ribbon or tinsel strand.

Source: A Cozy Kitchen
Christmas Mini Ball Ornamented Box

Christmas Mini Ball Ornamented Box

What You Need: Mini Christmas Ball Ornament (in any color you like), Paper Wrap, Clear Tape, Scissors, Glitter Twine and Letter Stickers.

What To Do: Wrap your gift box in the paper and secure with clear tape; add a letter sticker to the mini ornamental ball (the receiver’s initial is a good idea); wrap a piece of glitter twine around the box; string the ball ornaments so the letter is visible onto the twine and make a nice gift bow, making sure the ends are even in length.

Extra Tip: You can use more than one mini ornamental ball to decorate the box – use two for the recipients’ initials or as many as you need to spell the recipient’s full name.

Source: Sally J Shim
The Car and the Christmas Tree

The Car and the Christmas Tree

What You Need: Brown Wrapping Paper, Twine/String, A Black Sharpie, Bottle Brush Tree

What To Do: Wrap your gift in paper; draw the car on the wider side of the wrap paper; place the bottle brush tree on top so the car looks like carrying the tree; secure with twine or string to complete the design.

Extra Tip: If you are good with drawing, you can depict a sleigh instead of the car and adorn the top of the box with mini colored gift boxes or mini Christmas ball ornaments.

Source: Growing Spaces
The Doily Gift Wrap

The Doily Gift Wrap

What You Need: Brown Wrap Paper, Crocheted Doilies, Glue, Twine or Ribbon, Scissors.

What To Do: Wrap your gift in plain brown paper and glue a doily onto the package. Tie the gift together with twine or ribbon.

Extra Tip: Rather than using doilies, you could find another patterned material that does the same job to use instead.

Source: Blue Bird Vintage
Eraser Stamped Paper

Eraser Stamped Paper

What You Need: White Erasers, White Wrapping Paper, Knife, Black Craft Paint, Twine/Ribbon, and Scissors.

What To Do: Take an eraser and draw a shape on it (crosses, circles, hearts, stars, you name it); take the knife and carve around the shape, removing the excess eraser until you get a stamp; dip the eraser in the black paint and press the stamp against the paper in any pattern you desire; let the paper dry and use it to wrap your gifts in it; finish off with twine, ribbon and tags.

Extra Tip: This type of black and white abstract art can be adapted to any holiday and celebration if you play with the color of the paint and the paper.

Source: Design on Form
Washi Tape Wrap

Washi Tape Decorated Gift Box

What You Need: Brown Paper Wrap, Scissors, Washi Tape in different colors and Patterns

What To Do: Cut pieces of washi tape and embellish the gift boxes any way you like. You can create snowflakes, Christmas trees, gift box borders, intersected lines in abstract models and so on.

Extra Tip: You can also use colored glossy paper instead of the brown one for a splash of color and festive effect.

Source: Brit + Co
Chalkboard Wrap

Chalkboard Paper

What You Need: Black Craft Paper, White Paint Marker, Tape and Ribbon if you want.

What To Do: Wrap your gifts in the black craft paper, secure the wrapping with tape and then sit down and get creative with the drawings, designs and holiday greetings and messages.

Extra Tip: You could also use lighter paper and darker marker paint for the opposite effect.

Source: Going Home To Roost
Glittery Heart Paper

3D Glittery Heart Box

What You Need: Brown Kraft Paper, Glossy/Glittery Red Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Craft Knife, Heart Shape Template (a heart shaped cookie cutter will do just fine) and Tape.

What To Do: Wrap the gift box in the glittery red paper; wrap the gift box in the brown craft paper without securing it; take the heart cookie cutter and trace heart shaped templates on the brown paper with the pencil; take the brown paper off the box and use the x-acto knife to cut half the heart shapes; crease the cut part of the heart so it opens half way; wrap the box again with the brown paper making sure the red glossy half-hearts underneath are clearly visible; secure the packaging with tape on the bottom of the box.

Source: The House That Lars Built
Creative Photo Wrap

The Creative Photo Wrap

What You Need: Brown/Black/Colored Wrap Paper, Twine/Ribbon, A Sizeable Photo and maybe some Twigs or a Branch of Mistletoe for Christmas (or fresh flowers for a spring/summer celebration).

What To Do: Wrap the box in paper and place the photo on top of the box; secure the box with twine or ribbon and make sure you make knots and bows on top of the chosen photograph; insert natural small branches or flowers so they become an integrated part of the top knots, bow, and photograph.

Extra Tip: If you want to achieve a breath-taking effect, don’t just print a picture, print a hi-res one on a poster size and wrap the gift in it.

Source: Artifact Uprising
Paper Tissue Wrap

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Design

What You Need: Craft Paint in plenty of colors (make sure you use something that washes away quickly if you work with your little helpers); A Black Pen (a Sharpie or a very thin black marker); Double Sided Tape; White Kraft Paper.

What To Do: Wrap the box in the white paper and secure it with scotch tape on the bottom or sides; starting from the center of the box top, dip your finger or the kids’ fingers into the paint and press the fingerprints on the box to cover the top and even the sides (in a line which doesn’t have to be straight); let the paint dry then use the black marker to draw loopy Christmas lights, sketching bulbs’ connectors as well; let the design dry then finish everything off with a matching colored bow you secure with a piece of double sided tape.

Source: Splash of Something
Flower Pom Pom Box Design

The Flower Pom Poms Box Design

What You Need: Brown Kraft Paper, Baker’s Twine or Ribbon, Glue, Tissue Paper or Fabric (polka dots are an amazing choice, but you can also try snowflakes patterns for Christmas or flowery ones for warm season celebrations), Scissors, Hole Punch, Double Sided Tape, Two Pom Poms, Twigs and a Store-Bought Tag.

What To Do: Wrap the box in the brown paper and secure it with tape on the bottom. Wrap a rectangular piece of tissue paper, cloth or scarf around the box and make sure you leave wide enough margins above and below; secure the tissue or the fabric on the bottom of the box with tape; place the twig or the flowers stems over the box top to cross both the tissue paper area and the brown paper and secure it with a drop of glue; glue the pom poms at the twig’s upper end to create the illusion of a tree or flower; wrap everything up in twine or ribbon and add the tag with a message or the receiver’s name on it.

Source: Lia
Jingle Bells Design

Jingle Bells Wrap

What You Need: The Jingle Bells Music Sheet, Thick White Wrapping Paper, Satin Gold Ribbon, Clear Tape, and Bells

What To Do: Print the enlarged version of the Jingle Bells music sheet on the thick white wrapping paper. After you wrap the gift box in the music sheet, finish the decoration with the golden satin ribbon and a few jingle bells for a nice holiday cheer touch.

Extra Tip: Extra Tip: You could choose a different music sheet as your wrapping paper.

Source: Karen Bartolomei
Wreath Wrap

The Wreath Wrap

What You Need: Brown Paper, Twine, A Strand of Hessian Fabric or Rustic Napkin, Glue, Paper Tag

What To Do: Wrap your gift box in the brown kraft paper; wrap the twine around the gift horizontally. Wrap the strand of hessian fabric perpendicularly on the twine, fold and secure on the back of the box with glue; glue the wreath in the middle of the box front side and place the paper tag in the center, securing it with glue as well.

Extra Tip: You could also use ribbon or tinsel instead of twine for a more elegant effect.

Source: Cratfberry Bush
The Mason Jar Wrap

Paper Tissue Wrap

What You Need: Clear Mason Jar, Black Satin Ribbon, Glue, Metallic Buckle, Baker’s Twine, and Tag

What To Do: Get the black satin ribbon through the metallic buckle and wrap the “belt” around the jar; glue the edges tight; string a tag with a Christmas cheer or the recipient’s name on a piece of twine and wrap the twine under the jar lid.

Extra Tip: You could also paint the jar red and have white cotton as fur on the jar to make a Santa type jacket.

Source: Polkadot Chair
Tea Towel Gift Wrap

Tea Towel Gift Wrap

What You Need: Colored Sizeable Tea Towel, Kitchen String

What To Do: Lay the tea towel flat; place the book (box) in the middle, on a diagonal, to be in line with the opposite corners of the towel; wrap the gift in the towel just as you would wrap it in paper; take the tails of the towel and tie them up in a knot; if the ends are too bulky, secure them with kitchen string.

Extra Tip: You could use any type of clothing or material to wrap the gift.

Source: Things for Boys
Bow Tie Wrap

The Bow Tie Wrap

What You Need: Wrap Paper, Ribbon, A Square Fabric Scrap

What To Do: Pack your gift in the paper; put the box over the ribbon and bring the ribbon ends over the top, securing them with a knot; take the square fabric scrap and pinch it in the middle to create a concertina shape; hold the bow tie between your fingers and put it on top of the knot, then work the rest of the ribbon into a bow.

Source: Things for Boys
Golden Leaf Patterned Paper

Golden Leaf Patterned Paper

What You Need: Leaves, Brown Kraft Paper, Gold Acrylic Paint, Foam Brush, A Paper Towel or a Wide Plate.

What To Do: Wrap your gift in the brown kraft paper; put some paint in the wide plate or on the well-folded paper towel; use the foam brush to cover in paint one side of a leaf; flip the leaf and press it onto the gift; use another leaf to make another stamp for variation; let the paint dry and add some ribbon and tags to finish off the packaging design.

Extra Tip: You can use silver paint on white paper to create a more glamorous package or colored paint for a more cheerful effect.

Source: Popsugar
Watercolour Paper Wrap

Watercolour Paper Wrap

What You Need: A Roll of Butcher Paper, Watercolors, Water, and Paint Brush

What To Do: Unroll the butcher paper and cut it down in sheets the sizes of your gift boxes; dip your brush in water and watercolors and start painting like the abstract/surrealist painter that you really are; don’t be worried about the paper crinkling, it will straighten out when you wrap it around the boxes.

Extra Tip: You could use ribbon to wrap each parcel instead.

Source: Minted
Love Letter Wrapping Paper<

Love Letter Wrapping Paper

What You Need: Brown/Colored Wrapping Paper, Thin Ink Pen/Thin Marker, Twine, Glittery Paper Scraps, Hole Punch, and Scissors.

What To Do: Take a sheet of brown paper and start writing in a nice aligned and pretty pattern a word of your choice (“love” is a good idea, but you can try “Merry Christmas” as well); wrap the gift in the paper and secure with twine; cut off heart shapes or other shapes for tags and attach them to the twine after you punched holes in them.

Extra Tip: White marker on pink paper works miracles as design is concerned, but you can also try white words on red paper as well for even more Christmas cheer.

Source: Lia Griffith
Cartoon Boxes

Cartoon Boxes

What You Need: Gift Boxes, Plain White Paper, Black Construction Paper, Colored Yarn, a Ribbon that Curls, Scissors, and Glue.

What To Do: Wrap your gift boxes in the white paper; cut out shapes for eyes, noses, mouths, glasses and even lashes out of the black paper; cut colored yarn and strings of curly ribbon to finish the cartoon faces by adding hair to them.

Extra Tip: Instead of drawing faces of people, you could try adding animals or more.

Source: A Subtle Revelry
Cypress Pine Leaves and Newspaper Design

Cypress Pine Leaves and Newspapers Design

What You Need: Newspapers Sheets, Twine or Raffia Strips, Cypress Pine Leaves and Small Twigs, Scissors, Clear Tape

What To Do: Pack the gift in the newspaper sheet and secure it with clear tape; Wrap the twine or the Raffia around the gift; secure a few cypress pine leaves and twigs under the twine and finish off with a bow and a tag.

Extra Tip: You can embellish all your Christmas gifts with cypress pine leaves and branches.

Source: Love It So Much
Fern and Flowers Gift Wrap

Fern and Flower Gift Wrap

What You Need: Glossy Green Wrapping Paper, Fern leaves, A FLower Bud, Glue & Clear Tape

What To Do: Pack your gift in the green paper; take the fern leaves and wrap them around the box horizontally or vertically, so they can cover the box as much as they can; secure the fern with clear tape on the bottom of the box; if the fern looks too bushy around the box, glue some leaves against the box for a neater, more composed look; glue the flower bud and finish off with ribbons or tags.

Extra Tip: You could use a variety of flowers to decorate the gift wrap.

Source: Dream Home Style
Neon Duct Tape Bag

The Neon Duct Tape Bag

What You Need: A Package (box, gift bag, envelope, etc.), Neon Colored Duct Tape, Scissors.

What To Do: Wrap the package in differently colored duct tape neon stripes to achieve amazing designs. If you are up to it, you can also try creating a weaving pattern as you have seen above in the pixel wrapping tutorial. Use the scissors to fine cut the duct tape stripes and use the leftovers to wrap around small pieces of paper to create colorful tags.

Extra Tip: You can use the neon duct tapes instead of washi tape to decorate gift boxes as seen above.

Source: Brit + Co
twine and Hearts Gift Wrap

Twine and Heart Gift Wrap

What You Need: Brown or Black Kraft Paper, Baker’s Twine or Ribbon, Hole Punch, and Scissors

What To Do: Plenty of paper hearts (or snowflakes or even flowers) you cut out of hard paper (nice heart shapes can be achieved with cookie cutters); punch holes in the middle of each heart or snowflake; string the hearts one after the other on the baker’s twine or ribbon; use the garland to wrap the gift box in making sure the hearts stay on top of the gift box.

Extra Tip: You can replace the hearts with paper snowflakes and even reindeer cutouts for an even more Christmas-imbued flair.

Source: Smitten on Paper
Play With Me Gift Wrap

Play With Me Gift Wrap

What You Need: Brown/White Kraft Paper to Wrap the Box, Glue, Scotch Tape, Construction Paper, Markers, Figurines, Crayons and Everything you can think about.

What To Do: If you want to create an interactive package for a child or adult, simply glue a figurine (we have a car as an example) and some related elements.

Extra Tip: Use various toys and items to create a number of scenes on your chosen gift.

Source: Lines Across
Rainbow Yarn Wrap

The Rainbow Yarn Wrap

What You Need: Gifts Packed in Plain Neutral or Black Kraft Paper, Colored Yarn, and Scissors

What To Do: Use the colored strands of yarn as ribbons and wrap the gift boxes in as many and as colorful layers of yarn you want.

Extra Tip: You can wrap the entire box with yarn to create a coloured wrapped box.

Source: Boutique Window
Mini LED Lights Wrap

Paper Tissue Wrap

What You Need: Battery-Operated Mini LED Lights, Wrapping paper, Ribbon, and Scissors.

What To Do: Wrap your gift in paper and secure it with ribbon. Use the mini LED Christmas lights as a second ribbon to obtain a colorful, original and glowing box.

Extra Tip: You can use metallic wrapping paper to reflect the lights of the LED lights and create a shining effect.

Source: Oh Joy
Sweater Gift Wrap

Sweater Gift Wrap

What You Need: Scissors & Sweater.

What To Do: Cut off the arm of the sweater and secure the edges so the wool strands don’t unwind. Slid the box through the sweater arm and tie the remaining wool into a nice bow to keep the box well snug.

Extra Tip: You can further decorate the box with a tag attached to the wool bow or with extra ribbon and a small fir branch.

Source: Boxwood Clippings
Art Magazine Paper Wrap

Art Magazine Paper Wrap

What You Need: Knife, Art Magazines, Scissors, Clear Tape, Bows or Paper Decorations.

What To Do: Neatly remove art magazine pages depending on the size of your gift and wrap the boxes so they look as colorful and artsy as you can. Secure the wrap with clear tape and decorate the box with store-bought bows or paper decorations.

Extra Tip: You can choose your favourite artist's work to use as wrapping paper, printing it off yourself.

Source: Made By Joel
Mix Tape Straw Wrapping

Mix Tape Straw Wrapping

What You Need: Brown Kraft Paper, Colored Tape, Candy Cane Paper Straws, and Glue.

What To Do: Decorate the gift box you wrapped in brown paper with the colored neon tapes in the pixel woven manner we described earlier. Use the candy cane looking paper straws to create a bow or a star in the middle of the box top securing them with glue. Tear the exterior edges of the straws for a more festive look.

Extra Tip: The paper straws can be varied, and you can use plainly colored ones for other celebrations instead of the candy cane ones that suggest the Christmas spirit.

Source: Oh Joy
santa's Belt Wrapping

Santa's Belt Gift Wrapping

What You Need: Glossy Red Wrapping Paper, A Wide Black Satin Ribbon, Golden Glittery Cardstock, Glue, Clear Tape, and Knife.

What To Do: Wrap the gift box in the glossy red paper and secure with clear tape; add the wide black satin ribbon and fold it around the box to create the illusion of a belt and glue it to the paper to keep it tight; take the piece of the golden glittery cardstock and use the knife to cut out an empty square to mimic the belt buckle; make sure the empty area inside the square is the same width (or smaller) as the black ribbon because you need to overlap it; glue the buckle over the satin ribbon.

Source: No Biggie
Snowman Wrapping

The Snowman Wrap

What You Need: Wood Slices, Brown Paper, Clear Tape Ribbon or Colored Paper Strands, Green Felt; Fir Branches, Glitter, Glue, and Scissors.

What To Do: Wrap the gift in the brown paper, securing it with clear tape; wrap a colored ribbon or a strand of colored paper around the box to cross the center of the box horizontally; secure the ends of the ribbon on the bottom of the box with glue; pick three wooden circles and glue them onto each other and against the box to create the shape of the snowman; add glued glitter to the wooden circles for the snowy white effect; cut out a hat and a scarf from the green felt piece and glue them onto the snowman; use some tiny twigs for the snowman’s arms.

Source: Finding Home
Furoshiki Wrap With a Scarf

Furoshiki Wrap With a Scarf

What You Need: A Scarf (piece of fabric, vintage napkin, handkerchief, burlap bag, etc.), Ribbon, Vintage Pins or Flowers for Decorations.

What To Do: Follow the Video Tutorial Provided for the Basic Wrapping Technique.

Extra Tip: You could use another material such as a t-shirt to create the same wrapped affect.

Source: YouTube
Celery Stamped Paper Wrap

Celery Stamped Paper Wrap

What You Need: Brown Wrapping Paper, Celery Hearts, White Paint, Wide Plate, Scissors, and Twine.

What To Do: Cut the celery hearts until you clearly notice the flower shape they display; put some white paint on the plate and dip the celery hearts in it; then stamp the painted side of the celery onto the brown wrap paper; repeat until you get a gorgeous flowery paper wrap; let the paint dry then pack your gifts in the paper; finish off with twine and tags of your choice.

Extra Tip: You don't just have to use celery, you could use any other leafy fruit or veg to get a similar pattern.

Source: Geninne’s Art Blog
The Bojagi Wrap

The Bojagi Wrap

What You Need: A Large Piece of Square Cloth/Fabric in any Double Print you Desire.

What To Do: Follow the video closely and learn a quick and fun way of packaging your gift boxes from now on!

Extra Tip: Also called the “Orchid Wrap”, this technique also allows you to wrap irregularly shaped gifts, as it can also work as a pouch.

Source: YouTube
Autumn Leaves Gift Wrap

Autumn Leaves Gift Wrap

What You Need: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange Leaves Large or Small; a Sheet of Cellophane, Glue, Twine or Raffia, Scissors.

What To Do: Pick as many colorful leaves you can find, clean them with paper tissue and glue their underside; press the leaves with the glued side on the sheet of cellophane and press again so the leaves get well stuck against the cellophane; use the new wrapping paper to pack your gifts; secure the design with twine or Raffia.

Extra Tip: You can use any other type of leaves, you could also even use ribbon to tie the gift rather than twine.

Source: Gave That
Pixel Woven Paper Box Packaging Design

Pixel Woven Paper Box Packaging Design

What You Need: Black Kraft Paper, Double Sided Tape, Scissors, and Stripes of Construction Colored Paper.

What To Do: Cut equally wide stripes of colored paper and wrap them around the box in a criss-cross design to imitate pixels. You can achieve this weaving pattern with yarn and twine as well (instead of the paper stripes). The trick here is to make sure you temporarily secure the ends of the paper strips or yarn strings with scotch tape or double sided tape and tie all the ends and the knots together on the bottom of the box.

Extra Tip: If you are the crafty type you can use colored yarn instead of paper stripes.

Source: Brit + Co
Hessian Fabric Flower Art

Hessian Fabric Flower Art

What You Need: Hessian, Ribbon, Rubber Band, Scissors, Pins (or clear double sided tape) and Seasonal Fresh or Dry Decorative Herbs and Flowers.

What To Do: Wrap your gift box in the hessian fabric and secure it on the bottom with pins or clear double sided tape; add the ribbon and make a tight knot on the box top; get the flowers together in a small bouquet and secure it with rubber band; place the bouquet on top of the ribbon knot and secure it with pins or clear tape; tie the remains of the ribbon in a bow to keep the flower bouquet tight.

Extra Tip: You can use a variety of flowers instead to create a colourful arrangement.

Source: The Pretty Blog
Typographic Paper Wrap

Typographic Paper Wrap

What You Need: Brown Kraft Paper, a Used Book or Newspaper, Utility Knife, Pencil, Scissors, Alphabet Templates, Glue.

What To Do: Wrap your gift in paper and measure the area you want to decorate with typographic paper (the receiver’s name); use the knife to remove some pages of the old book; print scalable letter templates in the typeface of your choice; use the pencil to trace the letter shapes on book pages or newspaper; cut out the letters and glue them on the gift box.

Extra Tip: You could also draw the typography if you feel you have a steady enough hand and even add more detail.

Source: Man Made DIY
Shaped Wraps

Shaped Wraps

What You Need: Kraft Wrap Paper, Scissors, Thread and Needle

What To Do: Stack two layers of wrap paper and cut through both of them your favorite Christmas shape (be it a star, heart or a stocking). Sandwich your gift in between the two sheets of paper and stitch them together with colored and contrasting thread.

Extra Tip: If being conspicuous doesn’t bother you then you could shape the packaging the same as the gift shape.

Source: Country Living
The JOY Gift Wrap Design

The JOY Gift Wrap Design

What You Need: Brown Craft Paper, Clear Tape, Glitter Wrap Paper, Mini Clothespins, Mini Wooden Tags, Cut Out Glittery Letters, Mini Faux Boxwood Garland, Red and White Baker’s Twine, and Scissors.

What To Do: Wrap the box in brown kraft paper and secure with clear tape; tape the glitter paper after you folded it around the center of the gift (the glitter paper should be 2/3 the size of the gift); wrap the mini faux boxwood garland around the gift front to back and then back to front; twist and twirl the edges of the garland on the front side of the box; stick the glittery letters onto the mini wooden tags; string the tags on the baker’s twine and secure the twine against the garland with the mini clothespins.

Source: Uncommon Design Online
The Mouse Box

The Mouse Box

What You Need: White Square Box, White or Grey Paper for the Mouse’s Body, Pink Paper for the Ears and Nose, Black Sharpie, Double Side Tape, and Scissors.

What To Do: Cut two drop shapes out of the gray paper and two smaller drop shapes out of the pink paper to make the ears; glue the pink shapes inside the gray ones; wrap the box in the gray wrapping paper and secure with double sided tape; flip the box where you have the two folded-over triangles; cut a small pink triangle out of the pink paper and glue the nose over the folded triangles; draw the mouse’s whiskers and eyes with the black Sharpie; pinch the ears and attach them to the corners of the box with double sided tape; cut a strip of gray paper and attach it to the back of the box to make the mouse’s tail.

Source: Handmade Charlotte
The Fringe Gift Wrap

The Fringe Gift Wrap

What You Need: Plain Paper, Scissors, Colored Crepe Paper, Glue.

What To Do: Pack your gift in plain paper; cut equally wide strips of colored crepe paper and make sure they are long enough to cover the box on all sides when you wrap around them; fringe the strips of crepe paper but don’t get too close to the edge; glue each strip and wrap it around the box carefully leaving 1/2 inch of overlap in between each two strands.

Source: Willowday
The Shirt Wrap Box

The Shirt Wrap Box

What You Need: Plenty of Patterned Paper (to resemble a man’s shirt print), Clear Scotch Tape, Double Side Tape, Scissors and Ribbon (for the tie).

What To Do: Follow the instructions carefully to learn how to wrap the box so it resembles a shirt and make sure you have enough paper and ribbon to achieve this spectacular box design.

Extra Tip: For a more elegant look (depending on what is inside the box as well) you can use black paper for the shirt and a white silk ribbon for the tie to make the package look like a stylish tuxedo.

Source: Paper Guru
Vintage Game Board Packaging

Vintage Game Board Packaging

What You Need: Vintage Game boards and Pieces, Glue.

What To Do: Find some incomplete game boards and game pieces at the flea market and glue them on plain cardboard gift boxes.

Extra Tip: In case you don’t find actual game boards, you can print your own on paper or cardstock to achieve the same look and feel.

Source: Country Living
Wool Bottle Wrap

Wool Bottle Wrap

What You Need: An Old Slouchy Sweater (thrift shops are a good way to start in case you don’t want to use one of your own); Thread and Needle; Fabric Scissors, A Square of Fabric; Ribbon, Yarn and Tags for Decorations.

What To Do: Insert the bottle you want to gift into one of the sweater’s sleeves; measure the bottle and cut the sleeve so it is longer than the bottle, leaving out just the cork area; take the bottle out and cut the sleeve with the scissors according to the measurements; turn the sleeve inside out; take the bottle and put it on the square piece of fabric; draw a circle around the bottle bottom (or square, it depends on the bottle shape), leaving a border of at least ½ inch around the bottle bottom; cut the fabric in the measured shape; sew together the fabric and the cut edge of the sleeve; turn the sleeve right side out and place the bottle in the bag; get yarn/ribbon through the sleeve and add tags as a last touch.

Source: Grey Likes Weddings