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60 Pinteresting Packaging Design Ideas That Will Amaze You

Here we present 60 packaging designs that are highly pinned on Pinterest. Our list includes creative designs for gifts, fashion accessories, beauty products, food and drinks.

​Many of the designs included may just be concepts, and many made it as the final product design. Either way, these posts are popular within the Pinterest community for a reason, as they boast a unique identity for a range of products, brands and concepts.

​Hover over each image for a quick summary, and if you're viewing this vis a mobile or tablet, tap each of the images for the same effect.

  • gifts
  • product
  • fashion
  • beauty
  • Drink
  • Food

Moller Barnekow Sandwich Design

Parker Jones Ice Cream Design

Sandro Desii Pasta Designs

Gluten Free Cabo Chips

Frts & Ygrt Design

Macarons Packaging Design

Hair Pasta Packaging

LovingEarth Chocolate Designs

Pizza by the Slice

Hunsa Meat & Eat Bangers