The Psychology Behind Successful Packaging Design

While it'd be great to think that all products sold because of their quality and that consumers made their decision, based on the actual product. This just isn't true. If we leave behind the quality of the product, the next big thing in the decision of consumers is the packaging. Sometimes the flashier and prettier packaging makes the decision instead. This means that for retailers and product manufacturers they have to create terrific products with eye-catching packaging! Only then can you be sure your product will sell better than ever! But how do you make attractive packaging? Let's take a look at 'The Psychology Behind Successful Packaging'.

What's Needed For Successful Packaging?

  • Messaging
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Practicality

When it comes to product packaging, messaging is just as important as imagry and design. Messaging on the product is essential for two things! Firstly, you need to let the consumer know what the product is, there's no point in them buying your product if they can't idenitfy what it is you're actually selling. Second, it helps your consumer to identify you as a brand, how can you make a name for yourself as having great products if noone actually knows who makes the product?

While you can get creative with the typography and messaging you display on your packaging, it should always be clear and readable for the consumer. Your packaging should answer two questions without even being picked up:

- What is it?
- Who makes it?

Things like ingredients, nutritional value and possible contact details of the manufacturer do not need to follow these rules. They can be small and hidden on the backside of your packaging.

A Few Examples of Great Product Packaging

Sometimes selling products doesn't just come down to product quality. Packaging plays a huge role in selling products, by attracting potential customers to the product. Here we take a look at the psychology behind packaging design.