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Bubble Bags & Bubble Envelopes

Bubble Bags & Bubble Envelopes

With Cera Packaging products, you take the hassle out of transporting and storing fragile items. Our plain and anti-static bubble bags are the perfect solution for packing delicate or valuable products.

These bubble mailers can be used to protect a variety of items. Depending on the kind of products you’re looking to ship, you can choose between the special anti-static bags, ideal for laptops or other electronic products, or the patented Jiffy bags that come with a special seal.

Cera Packaging manufactures Jiffy bubble wrap bags in a variety of sizes, allowing you to pack and transport your items in correctly-sized packaging that ensures their complete safety and protection from damage.

The anti-static bags are ideally suited for mailing and storing fragile and valuable items like computer cards, memory sticks, memory cards, processors, or other small ESD sensitive components.

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Bubble bags and envelopes have been a consistently essential packaging product for many years now, and for good reason.

Our bubble wrap envelopes come in a wide variety of sizes, but we also manufacture bespoke size envelopes, or branded envelopes upon special order (minimum quantity may apply). 

  • Sealed Air
  • Josef Kihlberg
  • 3M
  • Optimax
  • Strapex
  • Tenzalopes Green