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L-Bar Sealer

L-Bar Sealer



Pacplus┬« L-Bar heat sealer from Cera Packaging.

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Using centre folded film, L-Bar heat sealers create bags around products using mainly PVC shrink film.

By using a shrink gun (HAB1500), you will produce tightly shrink wrapped packs that are neat, and tidy and will show any signs of attempted pilfering.

Economical and great for creating single, or multi-pack packages.

Use with 300mm wide PVC shrink film.

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2 - 4
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300mm wide sealer

LBS300  each £237.60 £226.60£204.60 Button to buy L-Bar Sealer  LBS300

hot air gun

HAB1500  each £56.49 £53.19£47.69 Button to buy L-Bar Sealer  HAB1500

300mm film unroller

300WB  each £35.75 £34.65£33.55 Button to buy L-Bar Sealer  300WB

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L-Bar Heat Sealer.

PVC Film.

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