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Vacuum System

Vacuum System


Optimax® OptiVac® Vacuum Heat Sealing Systems from Cera Packaging.

Product Information


OptiVac® Vacuum sealers are ideal for the food, electronics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

With reliable and consistent pre-seal evacuation, gas flushing and heat sealing performance.

Sealing bars are available in 5 different widths to suit all requirements.

The Vacuum Control Head is purchased seperately from the sealing bars.


*VT Head and Bar are both needed for machine to operate.

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(Length x Width x Height)
Code Quantity 1 - 2
3 - 4
5 - 9
No of

Bar - 420mm Width

VT420  each £553.25 £534.55£523.55£512.55 Button to buy Vacuum System  VT420

Bar - 620mm Width

VT620  each £796.35 £777.65£766.65£755.65 Button to buy Vacuum System  VT620

Bar - 820mm Width

VT820  each £877.75 £859.05£848.05£837.05 Button to buy Vacuum System  VT820

Bar - 1020mm Width

VT1020  each £1,361.75 £1,343.05£1,332.05£1,321.05 Button to buy Vacuum System  VT1020

Bar - 1320mm Width

VT1320  each £1,755.55 £1,736.85£1,725.85£1,714.85 Button to buy Vacuum System  VT1320

*VT Head

VT  each £7,284.20 Button to buy Vacuum System  VT

Optimax Vacuum Heat Sealing Systems are ideal for the food, electronics, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. 

• Reliable. 

• Consistent pre-seal evacuation. 

• Gas flushing. 

• Reliable heat sealing performance.

Please  on 01933 318 185 for more information and to arrange a demonstration if required.

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