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Paper Void Filling

Paper Void Filling

Cardboard boxes, and cartons are often too large, or inappropriately shaped to offer full support and protection to their contents; therefore it is necessary to fill in any gaps within the box with extra materials. Filling the voids within cartons in this way, helps to prevent damage during storage and transit.

Here at Cera Packaging we supply paper void fill systems from Pacplus®, allowing you to package items safely and securely.

Paper void filling provides a cost-effective way to keep items secure during storage and transit, and the Pacplus® system takes up minimal space within your warehouse or packing area.


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Void Fill System from Cera Packaging

Paper void filling systems are perfect for low to medium users, and ideal for the mail order industry. Simply dispense the required amount of paper and place under and around the product in order to protect it during transit.


Simply dispense the required amount of paper void fill and place under and around your product to protect in transit.




  • Sealed Air
  • Josef Kihlberg
  • 3M
  • Optimax
  • Strapex
  • Tenzalopes Green