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Shrink Wrap & Film

Shrink Wrap & Film

Shrink wrapping is an effective way to keep units of stock secure, and protected during storage and transit. Polymer plastic shrink wrap is heated until it contracts around the items, and when it cools it forms a tight hold that protects the object from damage, dust, and moisture.

Some items are too large to be passed through a heat tunnel, or sealed in a heat chamber, so the shrinking process must be carried out manually using a heat shrink gun.

Cera Packaging are pleased to be able to offer several different gas heat shrink systems. The two Ripack® systems we supply offer a more powerful high output option, whilst the entry level GSG100 gas shrink gun system offers high efficiency and excellent value for money.

Click on the links below to purchase polyolefin, polythene, and PVC shrink film to be using with your heat shrink system.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our products please, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.                           

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Ripack Shrink System

R2200  each £571.95 £549.95£538.95£527.95 Button to buy Shrink Wrap & Film   R2200

Ripack Shrink System

R3000  each £642.35 £631.35£620.35£609.35 Button to buy Shrink Wrap & Film   R3000

Gas Shrink Gun System

GSG100  each £362.95 £351.95£340.95£329.95 Button to buy Shrink Wrap & Film   GSG100




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