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Gummed Tape & Paper

Gummed Tape & Paper

Gummed paper tapes provide incredibly secure closure for cartons and boxes. Simply activate the gummed tape with water, and then apply to the carton; the adhesive will penetrate the surface of the carton to provide a strong and secure seal.


At Cera Packaging we supply Tegrabond® gummed paper tape - a high quality, safe, secure gummed tape, for complete peace of mind and confidence in transit. 

Tegrabond® is available in several styles including plain, reinforced, and pre-printed reinforced for extra security, if required in brown, oyster, and white.

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Tegrabond® gummed paper tape from Cera Packaging:

• Integral closure.

• Tamper evident.

• 100% recyclable.

• Temperature tolerant.

• Improved presentation.


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gsi = gummed side in • gso = gummed side out

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