Air Cushioning

Air Cushioning

At Cera Packaging we offer two cost-effective void fill, top fill, and Air Cushion Packing Solutions, as an alternative to traditional loose fill products.

Storing large quantities of bubble wrap, and other void fill products requires a large amount of space within your warehouse or despatch area, meaning less storage space for your stock. This can be avoided by using air cushioning instead.

All that is required for this method of void filling is a dispenser, and a roll of film, available in a variety of convenient pillow sizes and thicknesses to suit your needs. The dispensers are compact, lightweight, and portable so they can be easily moved around your packing area. Both are easy to use and have straightforward controls that allow you to produce consistent air pillows with a rapid output.

Simply plug the dispenser in, hook up the roll of air cushion film, and you’re ready to go. Produce the packaging you need, when you need it, without having to store massive amounts of pre-made packaging.

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Message from Cera Packaging

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, we are unable to deliver some online products (mainly corrugated cardboard boxes) to residential addresses, apologies for any inconvenience caused. We have also had to increase our minimum order value to £150.