Jiffy Foam

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Jiffy Foam Options

500mmx300mx1mm – 3 Per Pack, 750mmx300m 1mm thick, 1000mmx300m 1mm thick, 1200mmx300m 1.00mm, 1500mmx300m 1.00mm , 500mmx200m 1.5mm thick, 1500mmx200m 1.5mm, 1000mmx120m 2.5mm, 1500mmx120m 2.5mm, 1500mmx75m 4.00mm

Product Specifications

At Cera Packaging you’ll find all the supplies you need for the packaging and protection of your items. Whether you’re looking to ship, or store goods, whether they’re sturdy or fragile, no matter their size and shape, you can get all your supplies from our wide range of products that cater to all needs.

Here you see the wonderfully adaptive Jiffy® Astro Foam, a Cera Packaging patented product that is an excellent protector for objects with a smooth and polished surface. The Jiffy® foam rolls prevent delicate surfaces from scraping and scratching.

The polyethylene foam is the ideal solution, and it’s so easy to use. It moulds perfectly around items of any shape and size, and it’s easy to secure with tape.

At Cera Packaging, we provide packing foam in 4 different thickness varieties and 5 roll widths, enabling you to choose the type of foam that best suits your needs.

Jiffy® foam is an excellent choice for the packaging of sensitive items like mirrors, glass, polished surface items, and other similarly sensitive items.

This product is CFC on and chemically inert. What’s more, it is highly resistant to chemicals, fuel, solvents, and oil, so the integrity of your items is ensured.

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Why We Have a £50 Min. Order

In order to provide the highest quality packaging products at the lowest possible prices, it’s essential we cover all commercial expenditure.  Some companies hide these costs in their overall product prices but Cera Packaging operates with honesty and integrity in all our business practices and believe transparency in our product prices is paramount in retaining our customers.

You may find cheaper alternatives but our success is built on providing high quality packaging supplies that are more than adequate for the purpose they’re intended.

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