Libra Grey Board




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Libra Board Options

1040x1550mm 750, 635x1040mm 1000, 790x1040mm 1000, 1040x1550mm 1000,  635x1040mm 1250, 790x1040mm 1250, 1040x1285mm 1250, 1040x1550mm 1250, 1060x1550mm 1250, 1250x1850mm 1250, 1575x2150mm 1250, 1220x2440mm 1250, 635x1040mm 1500, 790x1040mm 1500, 1040x1550mm 1500, 1285x1040mm 1500, 635x1040mm 1750, 1040x1550mm 1750, 635x1040mm 2000, 790x1040mm 2000, 815x1140mm 2000, 1040x1285mm 2000, 1040x1550mm 2500

Product Specifications

Libra grey centred display board is manufactured from high quality folding boxboard liners.

With excellent ink lift providing an impressive print finish.


Libra display board with high white liners, high rigidity, excellent opacity, and extremely good cut and crease features.

Ideal for:

  • • Point of sale.
  • • 3D modelling.
  • • Free standing display units.
  • • Screen printing.

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