Plain Mini Grip Bags

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Plain Mini Grip Bag Options

1½ x 2½" Min. Order 3*, 2¼ x 2¼", 2¼ x 3", 3 x 3¼", 3½ x 4½", 4½ x 4½", 4 x 5½", 5½ x 5½", 5 x 7½", 7½ x 7½", 6 x 9", 8 x 11", 9 x 13", 10 x 14", 13 x 18", 15 x 20", 12 x 16"

Product Specifications

Extra strong plain mini grip seal bags are available in 17 sizes to suit all needs. They are clear in colour and non branded making them perfect for a variety of uses. Ideal for storing small loose items together and for protecting bigger products from dust and moisture. Also great for food storing.

  • All available for next day delivery
  • 17 sizes available
  • Clear in colour
  • Reusable, just press to seal

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Why We Have a £50 Min. Order

In order to provide the highest quality packaging products at the lowest possible prices, it’s essential we cover all commercial expenditure.  Some companies hide these costs in their overall product prices but Cera Packaging operates with honesty and integrity in all our business practices and believe transparency in our product prices is paramount in retaining our customers.

You may find cheaper alternatives but our success is built on providing high quality packaging supplies that are more than adequate for the purpose they’re intended.

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