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Refuse Sacks

Refuse Sacks


Every industry produces waste products of some kind and therefore requires refuse sacks. That's why we manufacture and supply a range waste bags, suitable for a number of different applications.


Suitable for domestic and commercial use

Available at wholesale prices (as low as £0.07 per bag)

Our polythene bags are available in a variety of sizes

Bin liners, black bags, clear bags and wheelie bin liners available 


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(Length x Width x Height)
Code Quantity 1 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 19
No of

18x29x39" 140g Black

72500  box of 200 £17.55 £15.35£14.25£13.15 Button to buy Refuse Sacks  72500

18x29x39" 140g Clear

004600  box of 200 £46.15 £43.95£42.85£41.75 Button to buy Refuse Sacks  004600

18x29x39" 165g Black

16317  box of 200 £19.75 £17.55£16.45£15.35 Button to buy Refuse Sacks  16317

18x29x39" 180g Black

RS002  box of 200 £23.49 £21.29£20.19£19.09 Button to buy Refuse Sacks  RS002

20x30" 480g Rubble

ARG2030  box of 100 £25.25 £23.05£21.95£20.85 Button to buy Refuse Sacks  ARG2030

30x46x54"  W/Bin

WBL049  box of 250 £40.10 £37.90£36.80£35.70 Button to buy Refuse Sacks  WBL049


We produce good quality strong bin liners and wheelie bin liners in two thicknesses, as well as extra thick 480 gauge aggregate rubble bags. We also manufacture clear bin bags in one thickness, which are ideal for use with our cardboard recycling bins.

♦ bin liners, black bags, clear refuse sacks, and wheelie bin liners  ♦

If you’re looking for bin bags in a specific size that isn’t listed, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke order with you.


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